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Askari Alarm I/O Panel

Stafix Electric Fence Centres


Askari Alarm I/O Panel

R 1,051.80 Excl Vat.

A stand-alone, multi-functional, alarm panel to supervise up to eight Scout-or-Spy detectors with individual intruder- detect, tamper, status and siren outputs.

The Askari Alarm I/O is a multi-functional receiver/transmitter, stand-alone alarm system and Alarm panel I/O Interface.

  • Monitors up to 8 Askari Scout signals for intruder, auto-test and tamper
  • Receives alarm, disarm and panic signals from the Askari Nano
  • Transmits confirmation of receipt of all transmissions from the Askari Nano, except panic
  • Can be armed and disarmed via a pulsed or latched input from GSM module or Alarm panel
  • Has an Armed/Disarmed Out put
  • Independent casing tamper
  • Speaker output/Siren output/Status LED output

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