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JVA Perimeter Patrol HLI



JVA Perimeter Patrol HLI

R 5,000.00 Excl Vat.

The High Level Integration Program (HLI) allows the user to take control of multiple Perimeter Patrol Sites and display all the sites on one control room screen. This is ideal for offsite management.
JVA HLI is a server which accepts incoming connections from multiple remote Perimeter Patrol sites and sends information back to them. In order to have high level integration, the JVA Range of devices must first be able to communicate with a JVA application such as a Perimeter Patrol running on a Windows based PC.

HLI Integration options available include a DLL based Software Developer's Kit (SDK) with documentation and basic control demo Windows Form application and OPC which will enable any third party OPC compliant GUI to access and control connected Z Series devices. For the systems integrator, the DLL approach is the fastest and most flexible method of making live connections between their applications and JVA Z Series’s devices.

The JVA Perimeter Patrol High Level Interface (HLI) allows one to customize, monitor and control JVA Security Electric Fence systems from within one's own software environment. The software connects to the JVA Perimeter Patrol program over an encrypted TCP/IP Connection.

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