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JVA Dual Lightning diverter


SKU : JPTE0231

JVA Dual Lightning diverter

R 273.27 Excl Vat.

AT LAST, a lightning diverter that can handle both the Feed-Out and Return circuits of a security energizer! Also, its Two-Stage protection can withstand a lightning surge of up to 2000 Amps, limiting the voltage return to the energizer to an acceptable 15kV. This Dual - Channel Diverter is ideal for any JVA Security Energizer, especially on security fences in areas experiencing high lightning intensity.

  Feed and Return wiring protection
  Affordable sacrificial security component
  One Diverter required for most installations
  Provides a highly visible indication of a lightning surge
  Large sturdy terminals for solid under-gate wiring
  Dust resistant design and cover for internal use only

NOTE: This product is not waterproof, it must be mounted indoors on an insulated backing board or wall.

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