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Roboguard Robotext

Stafix Electric Fence Centres


Roboguard Robotext

R 1,866.57 Excl Vat.

RoboText uses the latest quadband GSM chipset and works on any Network in South Africa namely MTN, VodaCom, Telkom and CellC.

It interfaces into the HQ via a prewired alarm cord telecable. It takes a minute to setup and then once the alarm system is armed, an SMS message will be sent whenever the alarm is triggered.




•Designed for RoboGuard

 •Sends an SMS message when any zone is triggered.

 •ARM / DISARM via missed call (only if wired to a transmitter)

            Alarm Status LED

           On when armed

           Off when disarmed

           Flashing on alarm

•Siren Output

            Rings on alarm

           1 bark when armed

           2 barks on disarm

 •Panic or tamper messages

           If the panic button is pressed

           If the Roboguard detector is tampered

•Zone Labelling

           Label zones to easily identify which area has been triggered

•Spare DC Relay

          Open gates, garage doors or turn on lights.

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