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Underground Control Dog and Cat Fencing System

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Underground Control Dog and Cat Fencing System

R 1,493.30 Excl Vat.

  • The closer your dog gets to the buried boundary wire, the more intense the shock will become.
  • A warning sound will be issued first, then a shock stimulus after 4–10 seconds. If your dog continues to move closer to the boundary, the shock stimulus will intensify.
  • The system allows you to precisely control the width of the signal field.
  • Should your buried wire ever break, a loud sonic alarm will sound accompanied by a flashing light.
  • The faster your dog is moving, the quicker the higher level of shock intensity is increased.
  • The transmitter is protected from power surges caused by lightning strikes.
  • There is no limit to the number of collars it can control. Add as many collars as you like to contain as many animals as you have.
  • It has a range of up to 5000 square meteres (over 1.2 acre).

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